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Essen Photojournal: 2019 Edition Day 4 (XL!)

Posted Sunday, 27-Oct-2019

Can we fit all the photos we took at Spiel into this article? No. But we’ll sure try! Here’s your last look at the last day of the biggest board games show in the world.

By Calvin Wong

It’s Sunday, the last day of Spiel – so what’s the big theme? Big discounts.

This joint was selling off first edition X-wing minis for 1 euro. 3.50 for the big ships. The line to get in was 30 minutes long.

Let’s take a break by playing giant Carcassonne!

Anything with a cute robot is always A+ in my book.

It’s coming for us all!

Pokemon were there too, with loads of kids playing games all weekend and lots of cute merch to buy. Tag yourself, I’m Sobble.

U-Boot is one of our favorite games of Spiel. Mainly because it photographs so well.


Sarah’s Vision looks amazing. The idea of pulling resources through the use of Jenga is not new but looks super cool.

Always love the cool booth decorations.

And the cosplay. Skaven gang is back this year!

Rawwrrrrr yourself!

And there’s always amazing unpublished stuff too looking for distribution. This is an Indonesian spellcasting combat game. Can’t wait for it to come out.

AND THAT’S A WRAP FOR SPIEL 2019. But not! We’ll be posting reviews and lookbacks at our highlight games in the coming weeks, so watch out for that!


Thank you for reading.

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